Tattoos – Northampton

Andy Edge

Resident tattooist with Pulse since 2007. The politest and quietest (apart from his music) member of the Pulse family which totally belies his love of tattoos with a dark and macabre theme and style. A man of few words but a quick tattoo machine…


Simon joined the Pulse Team in the summer of 2014 having relocated back to Northampton from Cornwall. His passion lays with grey shade work, with splashes of colour, and graffiti and caricatures, but capable of taking on any design.


Piercings – Northampton


Charlii has been a solid part of the Pulse success. Her skill and attention to detail deserve recognition. Charlii has grown up with the Pulse Family from a humble start as Saturday Girl in the spring of 2004 to a very important member of our Management and Studio Team. Charlii has experience in dermal punches and very specialist piercings, including one that she created herself, called the labyrinth piercing


James has had a good 8 years of experience as a piercer, so no job is too big for him. 


Alana is currently the apprentice piercer in our Northampton studio, though with her excellent skills and precision, she will soon be a fully qualified piercer. She is currently offering discounted rates on various piercings.



Tattoos – Banbury


Scott has a love of skulls and flowers in his tattoos, and has created some amazing abstract pieces. If you give him a piece of your skin, he can create something truly unique.


Piercings – Banbury


Tim joined the Pulse Family in 2015, and is the Piercer in our Banbury studio. With an eye for detail,
he will help create the look you’re after.



Tattoos – Peterborough


Kevin has an immense memory and rarely uses any visual aids or tracings. Kev is very quiet and reserved, his customers warm to his gentle manner and his artwork is incredible. All his tattoos are free hand with fantastic attention to detail. Kev’s experience from all over the world shows in each piece of art. People travel a long way to visit Kev with good cause.


Piercing – Peterborough


Juliana joined the Pulse Team in the autumn of 2015. Her eye for detail and precision made her a natural when it came to piercing, and she quickly progressed to being our Resident Piercer in Peterborough.


Tasha is currently the apprentice in Peterborough, but is learning quickly, so will soon be a fully qualified piercer. She is currently offering discounted rates on certain piercings.


Beauty Therapies – Peterborough


While she is a piercer as well, Helen is a registered general nurse, and offers a range of beauty therapies including botox and lip fillers.


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