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Had my helix/cartilage piercing done at Pulse Peterborough. I decided to go here after hearing that getting this piercing done at Claire's carries a higher risk. The price was very good and the staff were very patient with me. The piercer was very friendly and was happy to answer any questions that I had. It was perfect and is healing nicely. I have changed it now and I am thinking about going back for another one 🙂 Very Pleasant experience 😀


had my first ever tattoo done in Northampton.... by andy he was lovely..


I got my helix done today at pulse in Northampton.
It was an amazing experiance and was very welcoming.
The lady who pierced my ear was very kind and she knew her facts about the piercing.
Was a very quick and easy process.

Megan Munro

After getting my belly pierced (NOT AT PULSE) i went to pulse in Northampton to get my belly checked out and for advise and they are great I wouldn't go anywhere else the staff our lovely and prices are great


i had my first tattoo today at peterborough and I am so pleased with how it went, staff were friendly and put me at ease and took my idea and came up with the perfect design.
Couldn't have asked for more and I will definitely be back to get another one.

Nicola wicks

I had been thinking of getting my lip pierced for a very long time and finally got it done at the ripe old age of 31! Friends revommended Pulse - I had no idea where to go for a piercing as my last one was s navel as a teen. The staff were so kind and the piercing is everything I was hoping for. Thank you!


Well recommended

Yes there are cheaper places than Pulse, I'm not going to deny it. But with Pulse, when you pay the prices you pay, you know that all the equipment is sterile, the studio's are clean, the piercers are reassuring, and the staff and friendly and informative. I have had multiple piercings done at Pulse (8 to be precise) and none of them have become infected and I have been given the correct after care too. Any questions that I needed answering, all the staff could answer them with fond knowledge.
Pulse also offers a wide variety of different coloured barbells, studs etc. when getting your piercing. They also sell clothing and contact lenses and various other things, if piercings and tattoo's aren't your thing. So it's definitely worth paying that little extra money, knowing that you're going to get an excellent service! Well recommended.


Had five tattoos done at PULSE Peterborough..

... the last two both done by Kev. My growing butterflies and flowers design represented my daughter growing up and becoming 13 - I gave Kev an idea and he worked it beautifully around my lower arm. It has certainly made several people comment how good It is. This week I had an Angel design I have wanted for months on my lower leg. Again Kev took the design as I had given to him but enhanced it with some colour. It looks fabulous and I will definitely be back!

Tina Cawood

Had my tattoo done in Northampton... Naomi and she was really nice and i'm really pleased with my tattoo.

Natalie Hazel

I have had three tattoos done in Peterborough branch..

.... They are all floral designs done by Kevin. He is such a creative and talented young man with a great attention to detail. I am going to have a few more tattoos done with him. What a brilliant work Kev, you are absolutely amazing!!!! xx

Billie Sibthorpe

1st tattoos

...done here at Northampton by Amy and Lilly, really really pleased !

Sean Amer

Pulse is amazing... was very clean And stylish,
I got my tragus pierced today And it was painfree. (Okay it hurt a little bit)
Thank you i recomend pulse


I've had both of my tattoos done with Marrissa at Banbury.

...My second one was earlier today and she was so good! Despite the fact I'm a complete wimp she helped me through, even warning me when it was going to hurt more, and reminding me to breathe. And incredibly the tattoo looks better than the picture I gave her. Thanks Marrissa!

Amie Dolton

Today I went to the peterborough studio...

...and had my cartilage pierced, thank-you to the girl who pierced my ear,I didn't feel barely anything and It didn't bleed at all. 🙂

Beth Ciesielski

I now have a full body suit...

... 80 percent of which has been done at Pulse Northampton. Its a really friendly place with fantastic artist all more than ready to help or give advise to anyone. I would highly recommend Pulse to anyone looking to get top rate tattoos by real people artists.

nigel bishop

Thank you...

I would just like to thank all the team at pulse in Ptown. All very friendly staff, always smiling, amazing tattooist.


Pulse are brilliant.... much better then other piercing salons. You can really trust these people, they're so nice, helpful, friendly and give you the best after care advice. I got my ears pierced with Pulse and experienced no problems and got my nose pierced with Pulse, was absolutely TERRIFIED but they put my mind at ease and it all went smoothy. I've had my nose pierced for nearly 2 months now and I've experienced no problems relating to the salon, only my own stupid actions (don't sleep with your hand on your nose or it will sink, and don't punch it).. or you'll experience the red bump that everyone dreads. It's common with nose piercings 1 month old and mine is nearly gone. If you ever get this problem put 1/8 sea salt (NEVER EVER USE TABLE SALT) and mix it with water that is as hot as you can stand it without it burning you, get a cotton wool ball soak it in the water and press it on your piercing for 10 minutes 2 times a day and it will go.

All in all, pulse A+++


I've had all my piercings at Pulse...

...and they have always done them well and quickly, and I'm always going to get my piercings done at pulse because its the best place to go. (pulse in Northampton)


A huge happy thanks to Kev at the Peterborough studio

Really happy with my tattoo. A true professional. Staff are funny and welcoming and will go back again when my addiction takes over again !!!! 100% recommended !


Really friendly

staff that make you feel really comfortable and relaxed.

Megan Tonner

Always friendly...

...great advice 🙂 make you feel very welcome and at ease 🙂

Emma smith

I am very happy

with the result of my tattoo done by Tom in the Northampton shop. Its a very nice environment, the staff are incredible and very welcoming. I will definitely be going there again.

Lauren Panter

I've had all my piercings done at the northampton branch...

...and wouldn't go elsewhere, staff very friendly, full of advice, very clean and hygienic . Can't praise them enough. Thanks guys x

Danielle fergusson

Went into your Northampton studio for my third tattoo...

...I was booked in with Andy who was very friendly, even after I made him change the size of the tattoo various times. He took his time to perfect my little design, leaving me one happy customer!

Sarah Corrigan

So pleased with my cover up tattoo

created by Kev in Peterborough, he has done a fantastic job of hiding a mucked up tattoo I hated and kept hidden into something i can't wait to show off (I will be wearing my hair up for the first time in 3 years)!!! Thank you so much x


I've always gone to the Banbury studio...

...for my piercing jewellery and my piercings, the staff in there are lovely!!
They chat to you like a friend not just a customer. You feel really at ease as soon as you walk in.
If you've got an issue they will help you right out until the matter is sorted. Lovely staff and great work. I will always go to this studio!!


Really happy with the great job...

...Charlie did with my double forward helix piercing and I appreciate the advice on going for double and not triple because of my freakishly small ears! 😉
Charlie was so friendly and made me feel really relaxed and at ease 🙂
Thank you again x

Rachel Carroll

Being my first tattoo,

I was very nervous and still a bit unsure whether I should get one or not. The Peterborough team made it an easy choice. They made me feel comfortable and completely at ease. The result: I am completely and utterly in love with my tattoo. Thank you Luke! It's exactly what I wanted.

Mariska Lloyd

Had a tattoo done today by Amy

and love it , had letters and birds on my side she made me feel very comfortable thank you so much 🙂

Stephanie walters

Just a quick thank you

to the guys at pulse in Banbury! Namely Gemma and Kaye. Excellent start to a new tattoo, kept me topped up with tea and coffee and they couldn't be any more friendly!

Gemma has done an amazing job so far! Will be back as soon as possible to get it finished!


Joe Riches

After visiting the Peterborough shop I came away with my 1st ever tattoo!

I can truly say Kev exceeded my expectations and the result is amazing! So much more thought and detail went into the tattoo. I am proud to have this tattoo and show it off!! X

Rachel Riches

I've been going to Pulse (Northampton) for my piercings for about 7 or 8 years,

wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff are friendly and make me feel at ease, and explain all I need to know about the piercing and the aftercare for it. The shop is clean and tidy, and they've a private clinic to do the piercings in.
They've also a great range of plugs for my ears, I always find something to suit me 🙂

Charlie Ashton

Popped in for a spontaneous tattoo

Very friendly, relaxed and professional! Also, my ramblings about cats and otters didn't seem to bother anyone.
Will definitely be coming back.

Charlotte Rowe

I had my rook and tragus pierced at pulse Northampton today,

and could not be happier. the place was spotlessly clean, the girl who did my piercings was friendly, helpful, and put me at ease. and it didn't hurt a bit! will definitley be going back, and would definitely recommend.

e harris

I went into your northampton shop today with my daughter who was getting a piercing,

and I couldn't believe how friendly the two girls were, it was like we had known them for years, they even put me a ease about having my tregus done and ended up having it done there and then, thank you so much girls, wish all shops were like you, totally recommend you to anyone xx

Sarah England

I've had 5 piercings from Pulse Northampton,

and will definitely be going back for more. The staff were so polite and didn't make me feel awkward. I've had both Charlii and Sophie pierce me before they are both really nice and kept me relaxed throughout the time I was there.


I came to Pulse Banbury for my first tattoo,

a detailed image covering my right calf. The Staff really helpful explaining exactly what was going to be done and why, and adding missing pieces to the design I'd brought in. Everyone there was friendly and professional and I will definitely be coming back soon.

Joe Paxton

I've had all of my most recent ear piercings with you

and felt very comfortable with the piercers and the way the conducted themselves. Minimal pain, very professional and helpful with the aftercare advice. I'm already planning my next piercing with you guys!

Hayles Nicholls

I got a cartilage piercing and one third done yesterday:) Didn't even notice the lovely woman had even put it through!

VERY minimal pain, although I have an extremely high pain tolerance - All thats there is minimal bruising, and the woman was very nice, and talked to me, and reassured me in getting it! Thankyou to all the lovely people at pulse! One of the nicest group of people I have ever met!

Holly Wilkinson

Got all my tattoos done in Northampton shop by Andy. Very, very happy with his work and input to the designs.

Never ever got any problems with healing and when i needed bit of retouch they were happy to help. Thank you so much guys.

Kate Weglarz

I popped into the Northampton branch to discuss a tattoo with Sakura, we had a chat and she showed me the design I was after.

We then went to book an appointment for several weeks ahead and she said that she could do it there and then , which I thought was a great idea. The whole process only took an hour and the end result is amazing! I will definitely come back again! Everyone was so friendly, Thank you!

Matthew Field

Had tattoo number two done in Banbury this week, both by Adam.

I love both of them but the first one is awesome. (Number two pic in Adams gallery pics) Took a fair while to do, we had ciggie & sandwich breaks - we also had a laugh.
I can't fault Adam or the other members of staff.
If you want an epic tattoo - go to Adam.
By the way, I'm a Grandmother to two boys.
You're never to old! 🙂

Julia Adams

Had a full back piece done by Andy, He is one of the nicest guys I know, and a brilliant artist...

...would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone! Am thrilled with the finished art and will definitely have more added by Andy in due course....

Martin Allsopp

Tom at Northampton was great!

His attention to detail and creative qualities have really impressed me and the tattoo he has done I am very pleased with. Likeable and friendly from the moment you sit in the chair! Highly recommend to anyone! Thanks Tom!

James Cox

I have been using pulse for a while now...

...and had many piercings done there luke is ace and well recommended

aarom cooper

I went into your pulse shop in peterborough. The guys there are great really put me at ease.

I had an intimate piercing, it was very spur of the moment thing, the guy chatted the whole way thru telling me what he was doing and making jokes. I will defo be coming back for more things.

Thank you all so much!


Well I would like to say I have had 4 tattoos in the Banbury store and they have been wonderful!

Very polite staff and don't feel the need to hesitate over a bad tattoo decision and happy to improve others. My first tattoo here was amazing which is why I have came back for the other 3. It has taken me 4 years to find a suitable tattooist and I feel pulse may be the place. And I feel that the offer if free tattoo touch up is very generous as I have been to 4 other parlours and never been offered this...

Laura Tucker

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