Laser tattoo removal

We all have regrets, maybe its a poorly done tattoo or maybe you regret a tattoo that at the time seemed a good idea. There is good news however for those that want to get rid of an unwanted design – Laser Tattoo Removal. We carry out tattoo removal at our Banbury and Northampton studios. Our top of the range Laser tattoo removal machine, removes all colours not just black.

How does it work

The removal process involves using a laser to break up the pigment of the tattoo with minimal side effects. Each tattoo is unique however and we suggest you discuss your particular unwanted design with our technicians to get a better estimate of the process required. It will take multiple sessions to fully remove a tattoo – your technician will give you an estimate of the total sessions required and cost when you have your first consultation. Consultation and test patch (upto 1 inch square) free. Please view our laser removal portfolio in the gallery or in store.

It is very important that you are fully informed of the risks, the aftercare and length of process when choosing a laser clinic. You should also be aware of the variety and quality of the laser tattoo removal machine. Beware of cheap imported models.

Book now using our contact form or call :

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