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We are open 7 days a week.
Private Piercing rooms.
Huge range of body jewellery including steal and titanium jewellery.
Highest quality inks.

Our services
All of our tattooists can create custom designs across script, black and grey, neo-traditional, realistic, graffiti, caricatures and realist portraits. All of our tattooists can produce custom designs and drawings  to your specific wishes. We also offer a FREE touch up on your tattoo up to 6 months of getting it done.
Body Piercing
All our piercers are fully trained and perform each piercing in a hygienic private room and are always here to give free advice.
Tattoo Removal
We use the most advanced Ruby Laser for tattoo removal whether you want gradual fading for a cover up or a complete removal we can perform both.
Body Jewellery & Accessories
We have a huge range of body jewellery ranging from plugs to titanium jewellery.


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